Music Theory Games


For the cost of a cup of coffee, you can enhance your life with active mental games

Music Theory ’10 Minute Games’

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The most important series of games for anyone interested in knowing a little more information about music. Your brain will become optimized. Lots of layering of information that takes you from the basics to an advanced understanding.


Start with the names of the notes, week by week, start with ‘one bit of information at a time’ and then layer a little more information the following week with a new game.

April Fool’s Joke

Challenge your brain with a topsy turvey, fast, game that embeds music theory in your knowledge scaffolding without your even knowing it.

Build your willpower to change.  We tend not to want to change because there will be ‘loss’.  There will be pain because change is ‘hard’.  Do you realize we are driven to avoid pain.  The pain of the ‘judgement’ of others because judgement usually means rejection of our ‘choices’.  We don’t need permission or perfection.  We need momentum.  Take the steps to move forward.  Get clear on your mission and work the plan.

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Play with students, children, family, friends, whoever you can wrestle to the table for a short game of personal challenge.  You will see how we don’t necessarily compete with others, we compete with ourselves.  I love it.  We aren’t all at the same point of learning.  One person’s mental scaffolding could have been worked on for years and another might just becoming aware that there is such a thing as ‘Igniting a Sleeping Brain.’.  Your objective is personal.  You don’t want to take your eye off ‘the ball’.  But most people don’t know what the ‘ball’ is that that should be proactive toward accomplishing.  Develop a priority.  You have to have progress or you won’t have focus.  Then you start to find excitement and a mission.  Don’t fill your plate.  Pause first…..minimalize your life.  Only one or two interests at a time that will help you to move forward.  No distractions!!! It’s your life.  Engage in things that will move you, moment by moment and day by day, toward enhancing your brain so that every area of your life benefits.

Again…music theory is simply the means to an end.  

All Positions Game with Violin Positions Made Easy Teacher Manual

The basics

Spit-cato Series

Beginner Spit-cato Cards

Advanced Spit-cato – card game

Beginner Character Spit-cato

Advanced Character Spit-cato.……………tutorial

Do -Re-Mi Spit-cato