Step by Step –

learn music theory

concepts and sight-reading

music the fun way.


Start with the names of the notes, week by week, start with ‘one bit of information at a time’ and then layer a little more information the following week with a new game.

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April Fool’s Joke

Challenge your brain with a topsy turvey, fast, game that embeds music theory in your knowledge scaffolding without your even knowing it.

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The  most important series of games for anyone interested in knowing a little more information about music.  Your brain will become optimized.  Lots of layering of information that takes you  from the basics to an advanced understanding.

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Igniting Sleeping Brains

Music Theory Card Games are actually a means to an end.  Yes, you need to know this as a musician.  It will definitely make you a better musician for sure.  But, simply the act of taking something from it’s simplest form and focusing, visualizing, developing the layers to it’s complexity will give you an all around advantage in life.  As you study one thing, and learn to study and process information the best way YOU were created to process information, you will find the rest of life quickly tagging along.

Music theory card games in simply a short, mono-focused game to be played at the end of a music lesson.  Homeschoolers can play it as an intro to music studies.  School teachers can pull a class along so that everyone has the opportunity to compete against themselves, not others, and watch their own improvement.

1- ‘How music impacts the brain.

2.- Tried and true fun hacks to budging everyone up to the next rung of the intellectual scaffolding they are on.

3- How we process information

4- Music theory games and lots more fun stuff.

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